Publication release tea party

Sunday the 1st of July was a lovely day for a celebration of the release of our publication, shared with the wonderful people who helped make it happen.  Good things take time and this wee book was well worth the wait.  It felt like a pretty great achievement to have it in print and looking so fine.  

We shared yummy baking, tea and coffee and great company. We acknowledged the importance and need for continued radical feminist thinking, making and writing highlighted by the process of bringing the publication into existence.  The printing company we had chosen to produce it refused, saying that it contained material that went against their ethics and morals.  

If you would like to buy your own  copy of this book then get in contact:
Or you can read it at your local reading room or art space (NZ) or online.


The home page of this website is a space that we want to use to collate documentation from the Lets Roar Loudly! Symposium and Exhibition project. We will update it with work that will go towards the publication so that people can see what has been submitted, when we have enough infomation we will turn it into a print and online publication.
This is a totally open project and we would like as many people to be involved as possible. So if you are a participant in the symposium or exhibition, exhibitor, presenter, artist, or anyone that was involved in the project in any type of way we would love to hear from you! your words, drawings, photos, poems, memories, if you would like to interview one of the presenters or exhibitors about their work or review a certain aspect........ anything that you think would illustrate the Lets Roar Loudly! project would be greatly appreciated.

Don't hesitate to get in contact if you want to talk through your ideas more and keep an eye on this page for updates!

Briar's Artist statement

Statement about Briar Comin's work.
My work is concerned with the lived experience of being FAT from a feminine perspective. An epidemic paradigm combined with Western Cultures history of dualistic thinking has aligned FAT with moral deficiency and is manifest in what is irrevocably know as the obesity epidemic. Such is the dread of FAT, which challenges the hegemony on multiple echelons that war has been declared and is endorsed by the medical and political community. Fat arguably represents overconsumption and has therefore made eating a public issue.

I seek to interrogate and renegotiate conventional ideas of beauty and FAT. What does it mean to live in a body that is perceived as disgusting? What does it mean to feel ok about being FAT? Through the materials, quantities and duration of process I have chosen to incorporate a deliberate tenderness and generosity in my work in respect of the viewers consideration, if they choose, to reflect on their own experiences in relation to FAT and its  expected cultural disequilibrium’s.  The materials I have used are ephemeral and operate as a prompt to contemplate an alternative perspective with regard to FAT.

This ideas are connected to a way of seeing, I believe, is necessary and implicit in culture as a tenet of our bodies and planet; if the world is a more respectful place that accepts diversity in all areas, including size, religion, weight, gender, ethnicity and sexuality – we all win.
The eradication of FAT is untenable; the increasing proportions of the population’s dimensions are an exacerbated response to a perceived blight and the ugliness of prejudice. Heterogeneous society does not require conformity. Through my art practice to I am able celebrate diversity, elevate the notion of enduring wellbeing, and endorse an alternative approach to the devastating phenomenon that is the obesity epidemic.

photographs of Gemma Tweedie's performance

Play reading by Hana Aoake et al.

A reading of two sections of Caryl Churchill’s Cloud Nine (1978) performed by Jerome Cousins, Theodore McLay, Mel Shaw, Miriam Noonan and Jimmy Currin. Directed by Hana Aoake.

Robin Steal's Poems/Songs


jon is a cop who lives on friendship drive
he owns a new home in a magazine life
with a bbq, yeah a bbq

jon wants to christen his new grilling machine
he wants to show his friends that hes living the dream
lets have a bbq, yeah a bbq

jon puffs his chest as he through's on a back-strap
he hunted and gathered it in plastic wrap
for the bbq, yeah the bbq

the boys are out the back with their arms folded tight
making sure jon cooks their meat just right
on the bbq, yeah the bbq

jon thinks being a cop is so great
intimidates the public with rules he didn't make
he really wants to keep you safe
with a taser a bat and a kick in the face

jon tells lies about his arrests
he calls his wife over to make fun of her dress
around the bbq, yeah the bbq

around the bbq they will ridicule you
around the bbq they will ridicule you
around the bbq they will ridicule you
around the bbq they will ridicule you
hes never off duty its always on record

fuck-wit cop trying to make me guilty?!


one day, i woke to up too find
there's not much in my mind
just jingles from products, shitty restaurants
and sitcoms that won't die
"so no one told you it was gonna be this way"
a total bombardment of fear inducing imagery
making sure you know you need a new life,
convincing you to buy a new life.... ppchhhhhhhhhsssshhhhhhh (can of drink opening)

lazer blast your hair away to look like your 8 again
spray 'n' wipe the germs away the children could die from them
better put a heat pump in everybody's getting one
repetition saturation distribution
repetition saturation distribution
repetition saturation distribution
repetition saturation distribution
repetition saturation distribution
repetition saturation distribution

here comes the news report, with the weather and the sport!

"kia ora, good evening"
tonight, lies from the allies about their foreign policy
an update on the economy, the royal family, something about a celebrity
but more importantly, how's that all black with the injured knee?
"over to you dobo!"
submission the mission, division the vision
submission the mission, division the vision
the vision, the vision
the vision, the vision